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Janice Pantazelos possesses a truly rare combination of extraordinary talents.  Janice enjoyed an impressive international career as a dramatic mezzo soprano, having performed in Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, as well as with major orchestras in Europe & the USA, which for most would be an achievement of a lifetime. Janice devotes her time and diverse abilities to further the art of Opera and careers of wonderfully talented singers. As a Master voice teacher/coach and producer, her credits include: Tony-Award-winning performers, Grammy-nominated album, Billboard Hits etc. As founder of Chicago studio of Professional singing for 40 years, many of her students have appeared in the world's major opera houses, concert venues, Broadway, Off Broadway, musical theatre companies all over the US, NY City opera, Lyric Opera, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, many European houses and major symphony orchestras.

For many years, she has been the hidden power behind the voices that make up much of American musical experience, and those "in the know" know. In 2003, The Oprah Show sought her out and featured her as the onscreen vocal expert. Meanwhile, Janice herself produced over 180 programs through her private studio to platform her singers talents and build their experience. She served as professor of voice in several prestigious faculties and has given masterclasses both nationally and internationally. She has served as both musical, theatrical directors as well as arranger and conductor in many companies over the span of her career. The range of her accomplishments is overwhelming. Now Janice has founded Opera West! Through it, she will present the great operas with full orchestra, help deserving singers gain the visibility they need, while immersing the audience in the awe, magic, and beauty that can only be experienced only through live performances. All of this at a price point that makes opera accessible to all. 

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