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Praise for "I Pagliacci"

“Bravo, Bravo to Janice, to the incredible company she has formed, to the sublime. I want to congratulate you on an incredible production last nite. ( Pagliacci) Bravo to you and everyoneinvolved”. –Bee Zollo

“What a great production! My wife and I came all the way from Houston and thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the performance” –Stuart Lee

“Great Job! Everything was fabulous, Awesome!” –Dimitrios Papadimitropoulos

“Awesome! Congratulations” –Cristina Salcedo

“It was great!” –Marianna Verstig

“I absolutely enjoyed every minute of the opera. It was beautifully delivered with such heart by all performers. You should be proud of what you are doing for the niche that is not being filled by anyone else.” –Bernadette Snider

“Excellent! You set a high standard” –Melanie Monsour

“They were Spectacular! The whole show was!!!!” –AnnaMaria Cardinalli

Brava!!! Bravo!!! Awesome performance Janice. Unbelievable singing! Brilliant staging... gorgeous set decoration. Another Opera West triumph!” –Michael Mitchell

Praise for "Madame Butterfly"

 " A Triumph!  That was wonderful!  Loved it!  The voices and acting were superb!  I’m not sure what we expected, but that surpassed all!  The poster and the set design were also superb - just beautiful!

We were both into it, and I was emotional for the story, the musical beauty." – J.R.McBrIen

"Congratulations on a stunningly beautiful & moving production" – Robert Feng

"I''ve been telling everyone how fantastic your production of Madame Butterfly was.  Janice, your vision and direction produced a moving experience for all.  The individual performances were wonderful.  The set and design choices were spot on. "   – C.Purdis

Praise for "Suor Angelica!"

"Congratulations on an excellent production. Brava!" – Shermin Botts

"Well done everyone!!! Bravo and congratulations...everyone must see it!!!" –Dimitrios Papadimitropolous

"Fabulous, professional and exceeds any expectations, Bravo..." –Tavlos

"Best Opera I have ever  seen and I've seen many" –Ron Manganiel


"Oh my God - gorgeous. Lela Philbrook (Suor Angelica) is transcendently gifted. I am crying." –Helen Van Tine-Golden, Artistic Director of Golden Rose Opera Works, NY

"The orchestra was very sensitive and kept a good pace, and the string section supported the singing line. Janice, your singers were expressive and had warm round tones with obvious relating to each other."

"AnnaMaria Cardinalli (La Zia Principessa) has great pipes and a moneymaker killer instrument."

"I hope you are sharing this everywhere."

"OperaWest! a new company dedicated to providing accessible opera to the community and professional opportunities ...This production of the short, tragic Puccini opera was done..."superbly" –Jessie Bond, Splash Magazine

"Philbrook has a gorgeous voice and a commanding stage presence; from the moment she opened her mouth, it was clear she was the star of the show. Not only a remarkably gifted singer, carrying Puccini’s dramatic melodies with flair, she is also a talented actor, successfully portraying the full range of human emotion in the short, rapidly unfolding story. Philbrook is definitely a performer to watch out for."

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