Stills from our debut opera: 

"Suor Angelica"

Praise for "Suor Angelica!"

Helen Van Tine-Golden

Artistic Director of Golden Rose Opera Works, NY

"Oh my God - gorgeous. Lela Philbrook (Suor Angelica) is transcendently gifted. I am crying."

"The orchestra was very sensitive and kept a good pace, and the string section supported the singing line. Janice, your singers were expressive and had warm round tones with obvious relating to each other."

"Kathleen Monson (Suor Genovieffa) - a belle with perfect pitch."

"AnnaMaria Cardinalli (La Zia Principessa) has great pipes and a moneymaker killer instrument."

"I hope you are sharing this everywhere."

Jessie Bond, Spash Magazine

"OperaWest! a new company dedicated to providing accessible opera to the community and professional opportunities for local singers... performed against the gorgeous backdrop of St. Ita's Church. This production of the short, tragic Puccini opera was done well, if not suberbly."

"Philbrook has a gorgeous voice and a commanding stage presence; from the moment she opened her mouth, it was clear she was the star of the show. Not only a remarkably gifted singer, carrying Puccini’s dramatic melodies with flair, she is also a talented actor, successfully portraying the full range of human emotion in the short, rapidly unfolding story. Philbrook is definitely a performer to watch out for."

"Stephanie Schoenhofer, who brought a cold cruelty to La Badessa that was delightful to watch."

Watch the full opera here!


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